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Catamaran Saling Tour

Our Catamaran Sailing Tour within the Guanacaste area has a long history of being the favorite of many travelers and a “Must Do” while visiting the beach areas.

While enjoying this tour on board our 65′ custom built Sailing Catamaran you will be able to experience Costa Rica from the sea and see the beautiful coastline and sea life on your way to snorkeling in a secluded bay.


Silently glide along Costa Rica’s Gold Coast in our Catamaran Sailing Tour while passing some of Guanacaste’s exotic bays, white sand beaches and tropical jungles. Gaze off the bow with a cold tropical drink prepared and served by our crew. Scan the seas for dolphins, sea turtles, flying fish or, if you’re lucky, even a breaching whale. Snorkel in the bay. Or run down the deserted white sand beach while the ever-helpful crew prepares a feast of chicken or pasta salad, fruit, chips, pico de gallo, guacamole and homemade chocolate chip cookies. The Marlin Del Rey Sailing Catamarans will set sail and you will hear the waves slide along the giant catamaran as the sun sets, illuminating the clouds left in the sky.


The Catamaran is one of the more attractive tours that we can offer you, it is a really amazing adventure on the ocean, is one of the best options to see the coastline and enjoy the marine paradise that Costa Rica offers and depending on the option you choose, we can add the sunset view to this description.

We are totally sure that you would have an amazing experience and great memories to share when you get back home  

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