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Nicaragua Full Day Tour Volcano 

Granada and Masaya || museums and shopping
Masaya volcano || Masaya Lagoon

Make the most of being so close to Nicaragua:  have a day out in this striking neighbouring country! 

We will visit Granada, once the most important city in Central America, and whose convulsive history runs parallel to volcanoes and earthquakes, pirates and conquistadors.  Enjoy the colonial and neoclassical charm of a city once considered the most beautiful in Nicaragua, and find out about its past at the museums.

We will also visit Masaya city, considered to be the ‘hub of national folklore’ due to the strength, conservation, and expression of cultural traditions that can be appreciated here. The city was declared the ‘Cultural Legacy of the Nation’ in 1989 and ‘Capital of National Folklore’ in 2000, and is great for museum-hopping and souvenir shopping, especially at the old cultural market. This market houses a variety of little shops where artisans, furniture, shoes, hammocks, clothes, musical instruments, and many other types of products are sold.

A short distance from Masaya city, in the direction of Managua, lies the Masaya Volcano National Park. This volcano is one of the most attractive visits in the region, with its striking rocky landscape where two hills harbor three craters, of which one crater, the Santiago Crater, is active and spitting fumes. As well as the amazing, active Santiago Crater you can also enjoy superb views of the surroundings.

A lagoon borders de city of Masaya, offering fantastic views, and if your prefer we can take a boat ride and explore this lagoon and its little islands, instead of visiting the volcano.

In any case, this will be a cultural and activity-filled day, as we leave Costa Rica at 5.45 am and will return at around 8pm.

What to bring:  cool, comfortable clothes and walking shoes, insect repellent, sun block and hat, a safe purse and your camera!

Includes:  your private A/C transportation and bilingual guide, taxes to enter and exit Nicaragua, lunch and drinks

Duration: All day long, leaving at 5.45 am and returning at about 8 pm.

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