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Catamaran Sunset Tour

From the heart of the Papagayo Gulf - the town of Playas del Coco, in Guanacaste - we take you aboard our beautiful custom made catamaran for an amazing trip. The stability and comfort of this boat will make your trip even more enjoyable. We offer daily tours with plenty of aquatic activities: snorkeling, swimming, SUP, fishing, whale and dolphin watching, volleyball. Our amazing trilingual crew will prepare our open bar and our gourmet buffet. With plenty of space aboard you can just decide to relax on the top deck feeling the winds with a tropical Rum punch enjoying the natural beauty of Guanacaste's Papagayo Gulf coastline.

In Costa Rica sunsets are amazing, pinks and purples explode across the sky as surfers paddle out to catch the last wave of the day. Off the Papagayo Peninsula, the enormous orange sun glitters over the frothy sea as it dips below the horizon.

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