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White Water Rafting 

Level II and III: Half Day on Colorado River


In this, you will experience water rapids, lush vegetation, unique wildlife, and pristine isolation.


This exciting adventure will reveal the imposing beauty of the Colorado River. The river usually offers Levels 2 and 3 rapids, but during the rainy season even Level 5 rapids have been reported!


On this venturesome journey you will raft down the river, taking in the surrounding natural beauty. Get ready to observe herons, iguanas basking on the riverside and howler monkeys cavorting above in the tree branches.


Level III and IV: Tenorio River.


If you are out for a huge adventure, and especially if you have tried rafting before, then you may be ready for this one! Located in the heart of Guanacaste, the Tenorio River will test your courage and challenge your skills down its incredible rapids.


The journey starts where the dry and wet forests blend, creating a magical beauty of lush vegetation, home to an enormous variety of animals. Here you will spot migratory birds, butterflies, monkeys and reptiles.


You will then raft down 15 miles of intense and challenging twists, turns and drops, including "The Rock", "Straight to the Cave", "Chutas Rapid" of the "Double Drop". And for that final heart-stopper, you will find a 10- foot drop (Level 5), one of a kind.

You will get a chance to rest and recover halfway down when we stop for a delicious lunch next to the river.


Duration: Full Day.

From 07:20 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. approximately


Tour will include:

Private A/C Transportation Round Trip, Bilingual Tour guide, Natural Drinks, Water, 3 Hours Of Raft Ride and Lunch.


Recommendations to Bring

Comfortable and Extra Clothes, Tennis Shoes, Swimsuit and Sandals, Cap or Hat, Bugs Repellent and Camera.

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